Future Storyworlds

21-07-2013 08-11-22

On Tuesday, I’ll be speaking about blending reality and fiction at a conference forDigital Research in the Humanities & Arts.

Our goal with Conducttr is make it possible for audiences to lead many parallel lives – one real and many fictional; lives that they create in their imagination.

When we read a book our imaginations transport us to new places and our body reacts as though these fictional experiences were real – change of breath, heartbeat, temperature and so on. But when we put down the book, real world stimulus overpowers the imagination and we return to reality.

What if we could change the real world so that it mirrored our imaginations?

What if we could take input from the audience, and from the real world, and use interactive storytelling to change reality?

Perception is reality. Therefore by changing perception – by spoofing interactions from fictional entities that exist only in the imagination – we can change reality. At least the reality as held in the mind of our audience.

This is our vision for Conducttr.

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