Active Story System – a design methodology for participatory transmedia storytelling

We’re very proud to present our formal methodology for participatory transmedia storytelling.

Active Story System™ has been developed to service the needs of the creative & advertising industries in an era of attention scarcity, content abundance and multi-platform consumption. It’s  several things rolled into a coherent suite of tools:

  • a design process for creating participatory multi-platform story-experiences
  • a framework for commercial success that  is goal-oriented and integrates storytelling, engagement, social media & content strategy
  • a series of documentation templates & worksheets

What’s great about this is that it:

  • distinguishes storyworld design decisions from individual story design decisions
  • combines/integrates entertainment and marketing decisions
  • provides visibility of story structure and logic to navigate it
  • provides visibility of character development and player advancement
  • provides documentation templates and a series of worksheets to encourage structured thinking and fewer design decision mistakes
  • offers a practical organizational framework for the delivery of persistent storyworlds


Active Story System in English 

Active Story System en Español

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