Configuring Twitter

To avoid any problems, it's best to be already signed into the Twitter account that you intend to configure. Otherwise, if you're in a hurry, when Twitter asks you to authenticate Conducttr you may inadvertently authenticate the wrong account!


There are a number of things you should be aware of when using Twitter:

  • Turn off all notifications if using Conducttr with email triggers. If the character Twitter account is allowed to email notifications, the body of the email may inadvertently contain email trigger words.
  • Twitter checks that each Tweet isn't a repeat of the previous Tweet. Hence if you try to send the same Tweet within a certain time period, Twitter will reject it. This can be a problem if a trigger fires several times within a short time period: the first trigger will send a Tweet but subsequent tweets will not be sent until a certain interval has expired. To work around this, use Alternatives.
  • Twitter is sometimes the subject of huge traffic volumes that prevent people accessing its service. If you have Tweets configured to be sent during one of these unfortunate "blackouts" they will not be sent.


1. In a new browser tab, sign into the character's Twitter account.
2.Click to add a Twitter account to your Character, and click “Authenticate Now”

3. The browser will open a new window and ask you to confirm access by Conducttr as shown below

4. Click Authorize app.
5. Inside Conducttr there should now be a check icon (a tick in British English) to confirm that everything is now authenticated and working.


"Polling" is a term used to describe how a computer checks the status of another computer. For Conducttr to know if anyone has tweeted your Character it must poll Twitter to ask.  On the Twitter account page you will see two options that describe how frequently Conducttr checks for new Tweets.

With Realistic polling, if Conducttr finds a new tweet then it will poll again after 1 minute. If it sees no activity then it waits for 2 mins. After 2 mins if there's no activity then it waits for 4 mins, then 6 mins, 8mins and finally it polls every 10 mins. As soon as activity is found then it polls again after 1 min.

This polling behavior more closely resembles a real person.

With Continuous polling, Conducttr checks for new Tweets at least every 2 minutes.

Real-time polling can only be enabled by arrangement and is used for high volume applications.


If you plan to use Direct Message replies then you're best advised to create a "Need to Follow Message". 

Note that Characters can only send DMs if the person they're replying to is following them on Twitter. If they're not following then Twitter would normally produce an error. However, within the Twitter account setup you can create a message that will be sent as an @reply instructing the person to whom you're expecting to send a DM that they must follow you. An example is given below in Figure 18.

Need to Follow Message


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