Configuring Twilio

Twilio is the easiest provider to set up.

Inside Twilio, follow the steps to create a number. It will ask you for a number to verify that you're a human - try to use the mobile number that you have in your Author profile. Otherwise when you click "Test" in Conducttr to test you've set up the account correctly it will complain that the number hasn't been verified.

After registration, look for the Account SID and the Auth Token - they're displayed at the top of the page. Copy and paste these into Conducttr as shown - as well as your number.

Verify your mobile number when you setup the Twilio account


Twilio configuration - part 1 of 2



When you save this information in Conducttr, it will generate a "Callback URL". You must copy and paste this URL into Twilio as shown in Figure 24. Be sure to click the small link that says "Optional Voice Settings" and "Optional SMS Settings". Save this in Twilio

Twilio configuration - part 2 of 2

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