Configuring Clickatell

To send and receive text messages you will need a Clickatell account ( You should register for the "Central API" service.

Having created an account, navigate to "Manage my Products" where you'll see the following menu in the left hand column:

You will now follow down this menu to create your SMS number:

  • click Get Connections - for Connection Setup select  HTTP/S and setup the connection as shown (obviously use you own Description ;) )



  • click My Connections and add a "Clickatell Connect API Application". The details you're asked to complete are largely administrative.

  • Now you need to buy your number and message credits. Navigate to Billing and buy a number. Note that in the UK there are several options but the cheapest for UK-only is the +44E (Longcode - International +44E). But please check the Pricing at Clickatell to be sure. The difference between the different UK  number types available is the ability and cost of sending to overseas numbers.
    Unlike Tropo, getting a number approved and provisioned can take 48hrs so please plan in advance - and it's a two-step process: first you apply for a number and then second you pay.
  • When the number is provisioned, you'll find it on the Central Home page. Click the number and attach your API and complete the Callback Target Address field as shown. You're now pretty much done in Clickatell!

  • Navigate to the Character's Account page and click to add a Clickatell SMS account. Enter your details and all should be good to go.


Due to the desire to limit the annoyance of SMS spam, Clickatell have implemented the following matchphases which will prevent the audience member receiving further text messages from you: STOP, END,  CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, QUIT, STOP STOP or STOP ALL. We recommend that you implement these matchphases in Conducttr and use it to unsubscribe the Audience member from the Character's SMS list.

Clickatell's guidelines are here with further information on setting up two-way messaging here.

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