Configuring Tropo

To send and receive text messages and voice calls you will need a Tropo account (

1. Click button to create a new application and select Web (HTTP) API. For now, enter any URL in the Web (HTTP) API field because you will replace it later. In the example below I’ve entered

2. Click to add a phone number and copy-and-paste all the details highlighted below into Conducttr (i.e. in the character’s SMS & Voice Tropo account)

3. Conducttr will generate Voice Script URL and Text Script URL. Copy and paste these into Tropo and replace the dummy URL you used in step 1 (e.g. in our example, replace the

4. In Tropo, click to Save Settings and now you’re ready to go. Navigate back to Conducttr and click Send Test SMS or Test Voice to check everything is configured correctly!

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