Configuring Call Message

The Call Message can used to play audio via a telephone call and has two options:

  • Text-to-speech: convert the text in the Content Body. Author can use Groups & Alternatives
  • Audio file: plays attached MP3 file. Does NOT work with Groups or Alternatives

Text-to-speech is the default. Whenever an MP3 file is attached then the text in the message body is ignored.

Call terminology


Only one Phone Call trigger can be created because it is used to answer incoming calls.

However it is possible to modify the answer based on any appropriate conditions – as shown in the image below where a different message is played depending on Date & Time conditions RC2 and RC3.

beat sheet except for call message example

Only one Call Message can answer the call at any given moment. However, by adding a delay, Conducttr will schedule a callback. In the image above, an incoming call between 6pm and 10pm is answered by “Answer Phone Msg 1” and then a callback is scheduled for 5 mins later.

Call Message example


Outbound calls can be “broadcast” (to all the audience) or “reply” (to the person that triggered the call as described above in Inbound Call Answering).

Note that outbound calls can be “cross-triggered” by other triggers if the audience record holds the correct information. For example, an incoming email can trigger an outgoing call.

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