The basics

We use the term Author to describe anyone that uses Conducttr. This is much simpler that using multiple titles or fancy names like narrative designer, story architect and so on.

We use the term Audience to describe anyone that interacts with or is the intended recipient of your work. Again this avoids using multiple terms like reader, viewer, player and so on.

Characters must have accounts to communicate to the audience

A Character is the entity that communicates to your audience via a Channel. To create a Channel you’ll need an external Account like Twitter or email etc.  You can use Narrator as a default Character – it has no other special purpose.

All Content is stored in Scenes. You’ll need to create at least one Scene.

Content is only published in response to a Trigger. You’ll need to create at least one Trigger.

Your story is told to the world through your Characters. Each Character communicates through one or more Channels such as email, text messaging (SMS), Twitter and so on. In the Character pop-up you’ll see the Accounts accordion which allows you to add the Channels.

All your content is viewable as a table in the Content Table panel.  If you create an empty project it’s going to be empty. Each row in the Content Table refers to a piece of content or Content Item.

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