Triggers - Conditions - Actions

Your story is unfolds through events that we call triggers. You will tell Conducttr to listen for certain triggers (events) and when it hears these triggers it will take action – perhaps publishing some content or doing something else. Sometimes, before Conducttr takes action, you’ll want to test certain conditions. You can think of it like this:

WHEN (trigger) something happens IF (condition) the conditions are true THEN (action) do something.

The relationship between triggers-conditions-actions are seen most clearly in the Beat Sheet – as shown in image below


Triggers-Conditions-Actions in the Beat Sheet



Trigger (WHEN)

Condition (IF)

Action (THEN)

Text field

Text field

Text field or Active trigger

Active logic or empty

Active logic and Active content

All triggers and actions can be seen and searched for in the Logic Table.

In storytelling, a scene is a unit of drama that's driven forward by any number of beats. Each beat represents a development of the drama. In Conducttr a development of the drama – the beat – is a "trigger+condition" (even if there is no condition). Each beat can contain one or more actions. These actions can be Content Actions or Logic Actions:

  • Content Actions refer to the publishing of content or its unpublishing, locking or unlocking
  • Logic Actions refer to all other actions that aren't publishing - such as adding points to a score or moving someone to a new group.
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