Configuring email

Email is used to:

  • send emails to the Character's Audience
  • reply to incoming emails in reply to an Email Trigger

NOTE: You will need to set up an Email Account in order to use the Email Trigger function even if you don't intend to send emails.

Prerequisites for Email:

  • you will need an external email address for each Character that is to communicate using email. This can be any email address from your own domain or one provided by Hotmail, Gmail etc.
  • the email address you provide must be unique within Conducttr. This means you cannot use an email address that’s already assigned to another Character - even if it's used in a different, stopped project. If you wish to re-use an email address, you will first need to delete the email account from the other Character.


See in the image the email Account page for a Character called Morton. The Character has an email account at the domain , In the email setup, the Author must set forwarding to direct incoming emails to the "secret” internal email address. The secret email address is auto-generated by Conducttr when the Author clicks the "Configure Now" button. It is only used internally, and the audience will not know of its existence because all outgoing mail will be sent from your real email account as though from the Character

Email Account configuration


The last thing you need is your emails going into the audience's spam folder. That's why every email sent via Conducttr has a footer attached with a mandatory unsubscribe link.

Although every email footer must contain an unsubscribe link, you are free to change the wording so that it's in character with your Character.

To modify the footer, write whatever you wish and then highlight a word or phrase that will be your unsubscribe link. Then click the unsubscribe icon. Without an unsubscribe link you'll be unable to save a new footer.

See some examples of email footers in character with the character sending the email.

Example "In Character" Footers

Footer for Lauren Ortega, Private Investigator

Footer for Jonny Latte, causal gambler

Finally, the Unsubscribe Message is the email that will be sent when an audience member unsubscribes from a character.


It is possible to use group-specific footers but note that if the audience member is in none on the groups for which there's a group-specific footer or if she is in both then the first defined footer will be used.


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