Scenes and Beats

What to call a Scene

Scenes give you a bird’s eye view of your project, so try to use scene names that describe the goal or purpose of the scene. Don’t be afraid to use long, descriptive scene names.

Scenes are a convenient way for you to organize content and organize your experience. There’s no restriction on how large or small a scene can be but it’s best to create a new scene whenever you think your project will be easier to understand. Typically, create a new scene when the audience’s goal or the thrust of the narrative changes – such as when there’s a new revelation.


Scenes in Conducttr:

  • Have goal or purpose
  • Develop the drama:

o   audience discovers something new
o   audience decision or decisions moves story forward
o   brings the story or game to a conclusion

  • Block of logic actions (think of this as a sub-routine)

Scenes are made up of beats

A beat is the engine within the scene that moves the drama forward. It’s the unit of activity initiated by a trigger.

When breaking down the Scene, you'll ask yourself "what needs to happen to move this part of the story forward?" or "what choices do I need the audience to make?"


Let’s work with the story of the 3 Little Pigs.

The game starts on Monday 12th at 6pm with a Tumblr post. The audience is invited to “vote” for the Wolf by tweeting “blow” to the wolf’s twitter account. Everyone is only allowed one blow each. Figure 31 shows a diagram of how this might be represented using Conducttr’s triggers-conditions-actions paradigm.

Scene 1 of The 3 Little Pigs (interactive version)

The table below shows how it might be represented in the Beat Sheet.

Beat Sheet view of the 3 Little Pigs. Audience is allowed to Tweet “blow” to vote for the Wolf



Trigger (WHEN)

Condition (IF)

Action (THEN)

House of Straw

1st Pig builds his house

Date: Mon 12th at 6pm


POST to Tumblr “1st pig builds house with straw”

Vote for the Wolf

Receive  “Blow” to Wolf

sender.blown = FALSE

REPLY with Twitter “Thanks!”


SET sender.blown = TRUE

Vote refused

sender.blown = TRUE

REPLY with Twitter  “Sorry! You’ve already blown!”



Actual screen capture of 3 Pigs in Conducttr

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