Conditional Scenes

Scenes can be made conditional via the Beat Sheet or Content Table.

All Scenes are treated equally and “active” unless the Author chooses a different setting. That is:

  • if Scene is Active then this is normal and all logic and content are processed
  • if Scene is Inactive then all logic and content actions are ignored.
  • if Scene is Conditional then the beats in this Scene will be active or inactive depending on the whether the condition is true or false.

Scene status in beat sheet


Conditional scene


Assume that you'd like to have your Character respond differently to the same email trigger depending on time of day. To implement this scenario you might do the following:

  • create a Recurrent Period (R1) trigger called "Daytime" that will be True everyday for the period 9am to 5pm
  • create a Scene called "Daytime" that is conditional on R1 such that "use if R1 is True"
  • create a Scene called "Out of hours" this is also conditional on R1 but such that "use if R1 is False"
  • inside the Scene "Daytime" create a reply fired by Email Trigger (E1) that says "I'm working"
  • inside the Scene "Out of hours" create a reply fired by E1 that says "I'm not at work"

Note that you need only one trigger, E1, but the reply from your character will be different depending on the status of R1.

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