Importing audience records

External contact databases can now be imported as .CSV files.  Figure 91 shows the first import screen where you are asked to local the file for import.

Figure 91

Clicking "Continue" will take you to the second import screen where you have an opportunity to review how the data will be imported. This is shown in Figure 92.

Figure 92

The key to Figure 92 is as follows:

  1. review the first line of the imported file. Check that Conducttr will correctly import your file or else abort. For best results we recommend that you use our template (downloadable from the Import page) to import your records. Note that we expect data columns to be labeled the same as ours - name, lname, email, phone etc.
  2. if the imported records need to added to certain groups, add them here
  3. this is the character to which the audience in the imported file will be subscribed. If you need to subscribe this audience to more than one character then you'll need to use a Copy Group trigger after import.

 Importing files where there is an existing audience

Please note the following when importing a file into an existing audience already in Conducttr:

  • where there are exact duplicates the duplicates will be removed
  • where an imported email address, mobile number or Twitter ID matches data already held in by Conducttr in your project, the records will be merged and where there are conflicts (e.g. different name in Conducttr compared to imported data) then the imported record will overwrite the conflicting data.
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