Merging audience records

It’s possible that the same person in real life has multiple audience records in your project. For example, if someone completes an SMS-only experience then you won’t know their email address. Hence they could have two records – one with the SMS details and one with the email address.

If at some point this person registers with a sign-up form and they use a mobile number and email address that are known to your project, then the two audience records will be merged into one.

It’s also possible to merge records manually by adding the account details to one of the existing records.

During a merge of audience records, Conducttr will do the following:

  • Groups are combined (this could be a problem if some are supposed to be mutually exclusive)
  • Inventory attributes are combined
  • Integer attributes are added (i.e. 1 + 2 = 3)
  • Boolean attributes – the most recently updated Boolean attribute is used
  • Team membership is added so audience becomes member of two or more teams.
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