Trigger on behalf of an audience member on email

Proxy-triggering currently only works with email triggers.

There are times when you may wish to trigger Conducttr as a particular audience member. For example:

  1. the most common case is when the audience email gets caught in the character's spam folder. Here  you will want to return the email to the inbox and forward it on to Conducttr in such a way that it appears as though the email is arriving at Conducttr without manual intervention
  2. if you decide to enroll a friend or tester in your project on their behalf. That is, you send an email to Conducttr but want the reaction from Conducttr to behave as though it were your friend who actually sent the email
  3. if developing a 3rd party application which uses the audience's email address. Here the app can send a correctly formatted email with the audience's email address and Conducttr will behave as those the audience member herself had sent the email.

To accomplish this you will need the secret email address and the audience' email address.

Figure 90 shows how to set up the email for proxy-triggering:

  1. In the "To:" field should be the secret email address that Conducttr gave you when you configured the Character's email account. You're sending this email straight to the heart of your Character!
  2. place the audience' email address between # marks.

When Conducttr receives an email in this format then it plucks the email address from between the # marks and pretends that the email has come from this audience member.

Figure 90 proxy-triggering


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