Publish Trigger for Sequencing

Sometimes there is a need for two or more content items to follow each other in sequence. For example, take a look at these SMS texts:

  1. I think we should forget about shopping & meet at my house to watch old horror movies tonight!
  2. Don't forget to bring the popcorn. :)

You can use the word "shopping" as an SMS trigger for both messages.  While this will work, there is no guarantee that the first message will be received before the second. And that won't make a lot of sense.


You can use the built-in delay and add 1 minute, but another method that also works (and is more instantaneous) is the use of a Publish trigger.

Continue to utilize the SMS "shopping" trigger on message #1. Create a Publish trigger based on SMS #1, and then attach it as the trigger for SMS #2.


Now, the SMS will always be in the correct order and quickly follow each other.

The Publish trigger is a great fix for many sequencing situations as well as distributing content across multiple platforms at the same time.

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