Facebook comments and Lizzie Bennet

Character Jane Bennet is the sister of Lizzie Bennet

Although there's a lot of engagement on Lizzie's Facebook page, I can see opportunities for Conducttr to add some conversation to Jane's page.

** How To **

My first change would be to the "call to action" on the character posts. Too often they are too general "what do you think of this?" or in the picture below no call to action and a vague "hope you like it"

*** Basic interactivity ***

Basic interactivity could be added with a Facebook Trigger looking for simple phrases. For example we could script replies for expected comments from people mentioning the "hat" or "socks" - or better still "love && socks" (which would cover "love the socks", "i love socks" "love the yellow socks" etc.).
To be a bit smarter it could be combined with a Boolean to watch for negative comments. So.. have a Facebook comment trigger that said "do not || don't"

F1 = love && socks
F2 = do not || don't

then our booleans would be
B1 (positive socks) = F1 BUT NOT F2
B2 (negative socks) = F1 AND F2

*** full blown ****
To go deeper you might create a range of triggers for items of clothing
F1 = socks
F2 = shoes
F3 = dress
F4 = hat

Then the positive comments
F5 = amazing || love || wow || fabulous || fantastic || brilliant || like

F6 = do not || don't || dont || no way || horrible || hate || can't stand

Now the Booleans would be a little involved because for now we only take two inputs which means they have to be nested. In a future release we'll allow a greater number. So for now...
B1 (+socks) = F1 AND F5
B2 (+shoes) = F2 AND F5
B3 (+dress) = F2 AND F5
B4 (+hat) = F2 AND F5

B5 (++ socks) = B1 BUT NOT F6
B6 (++ shoes) = B2 BUT NOT F6
B7 (++ dress) = B3 BUT NOT F6
B7 (++ hat) = B4 BUT NOT F6

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