NY_Hearts and Moveable App

I just played through the NY_Hearts experience on the Moveable app. Here's what I really liked:
a. I was in London yet the experience was based in NYC. The content entices me to check out these places when I'm next in NYC
b. the videos promote local businesses but because they use personal stories from the business owners I didn't feel like I was being sold to. It felt warm and friendly. I liked them.

Here's what I'd improve about the app
c. I liked the audio story but because I was standing in my kitchen in London it lack the location atmosphere. A great addition to the app would be to check for ambient noise or the real world location and layer in additional soundtrack. So, if I'm in a quiet room in London, mix in the ambiance of the story location; if I'm on location then mix in the real world atmos. I think this would be very cool.

d. it would be nice not to have to do the tour in a certain order. So, instead or showing me a path between locations, I just get the locations. Then I could tell an open storyworld and each time I played through a location the app would re-color the pin to tell me I'd visited it.

Any how, this app ticks a lot a boxes for me - I liked it a lot - and NY_Hearts was the icing on the cake! 
Other notable worlds to checkout with the app are Jurassic Park Slope of course and I quite liked the dancer touring San Francisco's Mission district.

Finally... here's my blog post about location-based storytelling:

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