Coors, Amazon, Verizon ride with 'Prometheus' (brands)

The companies are ponying up around $10 million on media buys, with their campaigns said to be worth as much as $30 million.

"The partners get us into places where we can't buy our way into through media," said Zachary Eller, senior VP of marketing partnerships and promotions at 20th Century Fox. "They help make this movie an event. They help tell audiences this is something exciting that you need to see."
None of the brands appear in the film, which takes place in 2093.

But Fox already has been working with the partners to integrate them in other exclusive content, including a two-minute informercial featuring Michael Fassbender in character as the android David, that Verizon sponsored -- the first time Fox put a company's logo on something that wasn't its own product. On Wednesday, it released another viral ad starring Noomi Rapace, also in character.

Verizon also created a VOD channel on its FiOS network dedicated to showing exclusive "Prometheus" content, while the company is promoting the pic across its network of TV and online channels, Facebook and Mashable pages. A microsite enables visitors to explore the Prometheus spaceship in the film using Verizon's mobile Home Monitoring and Control technology.

Meanwhile, Amazon will push the pic across all of its websites, including its homepage and IMDB, through June 18. Company's microsite for the film pushes interested moviegoers to buy tix through Fandango.

It's also adding inserts in millions of boxes it ships to customers, marking the first time Amazon has allowed such marketing by an outside company.
"Prometheus" isn't Amazon's first film promo, but it is typically reticent to pair up with a product it can't sell. It promoted the novel "Like Water for Elephants" when the pic was released, for example.

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