A Conductt-ive Study - Splash Screen Menus

We all know that a good Interface should allow the user to proceed with their tasks as quickly as possible and not be cluttered and not make what is occurring obvious. I have been playing around with Conducttr now for a few weeks and noticed that although after a couple of hours of delving into it I started to figure out what I was doing its current interface layout and design is fairly... basic. A couple of times I have gotten confused as to where a particular menu item is or what a particular menu / item is for as such whilst in a meeting I started doodling and noting down some Ideas on how I feel Conducttr could be made more intuitive (bare in mind as it is it is functional and in early stages, my designs may not necessarily be best solution at the moment).

Welcome / Splash Screen

When you load up Conducttr the first thing that hit me was it looked they organised and box like however at times clustered. A simple Start new project or open project screen appears with other options hidden away in the top bar. Users can identify processes quicker if icons and text are used, text only is clear however on smaller screens and people with sight issues can be a strain. As such a 'Hexagon Net' design was created whereby you click centre to login, then as you mouse over the options that expand outwards their function is displayed, clicking on a sub-menu brings out that menus sub-items i.e. Start a new Project or Start from a template from here it would in my head proceed as normal, maybe a wizard option for those who just want to get started in a step by step manner.

I am tempted to make a Flash version of this menu idea, the idea is to not replace the top menu but offer an easier friendly alternative. Speaking of which a top menu bar style like that found in office 2007 + whereby icons go alongside text could be personally useful. 

I have tonnes more ideas and could go into further details if requested. Also note did this for fun and to avoid doing more uni work today :P

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    Robert Pratten

    Stephen this is awesome! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

    Please continue with your ideas!