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Chipotle brand launches its (web) series together with a transmedia device

The fast food chain Chipotle which we already mentioned earlier for its advergame , launches on February 17 on Hulu , a satirical series about the world of agriculture called Farmer and Dangerous . This approach is also served by a simple but effective transmedia device.

A real series with real actors in

The first season of this series consists of four 30-minute episodes. Buck, the main character (played by Ray Wise) is the president of a powerful union Food (the Industrial Food Image Office (IFIB)). This collector of guns in predatory smile was not like him to leave its members to penury.I'm of course talking about schemes related to the use of GMOs, pesticides and other "explosive" (Yes, as in Farmer and Dangerous, exploding cows much, like some cars).


In the series, the villain industrial conglomerate is represented by the firm Animoil (pretty eye petroleum wink). This of course has its website and advertising spots.


The series will be broadcast on Hulu, a free website video on demand services which also offers video sharing. The site is a joint venture of NBC Universal, 21st Century Fox, Providence Equity Partners and The Walt Disney Company. A priori, any release of the series in television is not yet scheduled.

Of Brand Entertainment serving the keynote address

Chipotle has long gone to war against junk food by highlighting its campaigns through the origin and the manufacturing process of its products. On the website of the series, the brand justifies its strategy of brand entertainment:

Chipotle wants to raise awareness of the dangers of industrial agriculture and existing alternatives. "Farmer and Dangerous" covers topics that we consider sensitive and we therefore hope that viewers will leave with a smile but also with the reflex to ask about the origin of this food on their plate.


A mobile game associated with the series

Every Tuesday, from 4 March to 6 May in each broadcast of an episode of the series, viewers will have the opportunity to win grants "edible". At the beginning of each episode, a keyword will be provided and the viewer will be sent by SMS to the brand. In return, the player will receive three questions on the episode watched. In case of correct answers, the player and participate in the draw. An effective way to avoid zapping!

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