Before using Conducttr please familiarize yourself with social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and with your web browser – we recommend Firefox but it’ll work in any browser.

To send & receive text messages or phone calls, you’ll need an account with one of the providers we work with – Twilio, Tropo or for SMS only Nexmo & Clickatell.

To send emails, you’ll an email address.

To send tweets, you’ll need a Twitter account.

And so on… but you can start to create your project and create these account later.



  1. You must use a Flash-enabled browser.
  2. Conducttr is a production tool that requires the use of a mouse or similar pointing device. It’s not designed to run on touchscreens or tablets.
  3. Conducttr works on PCs and Macs but we use all PC keystrokes – so Ctrl-S for Save really is Ctrl-S on both platforms (we don’t use the Apple key).
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