Manage your audience

Every project maintains its own database of audience members.

Every character maintains its own contact list of audience members subscribed to particular channels (email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter).

If an audience member emails a character then they are automatically subscribed to that character's email channel. If the same person now texts that character, a new audience record will likely be created with this person subscribed to the character's SMS channel. The result in this case is two audience records for the same person because it's impossible for Conducttr to know (at this stage with this example) that the email is associated with the mobile number.

However… if the Author now invites the audience to sign-up via a signup form (either solo or team widget) and the form asks for email and mobile number, Conducttr (for this project alone) will merge the two existing records into one.

Audience can also be added to Characters manually or by importing an existing mailing/contact list.

Figure 89 shows the Audience Table panel. The following key explains the main functional of the page:

  • A. Search field for finding audience by name. Only the Name field is searched but partial searches are accepted. For example entering "att" and clicking Go will find "Pratten, Robert", "Jones, Attkin" etc.
  • B. Use these drop-downs to limit the displayed audience to those from the selected group or selected character
  • C. Import/Export audience records from/to a .CSV file
  • D. Page selector for when the total number of audience records exceeds the page size
  • E. Page size. Number of audience records to show per page
  • F. Conducttr maintains a count of how many times a trigger is fired by each person. This drop-down allows you to reset that count. It will affect all triggers of the selected type for the selected person or people

To delete a record or records, select or multi-select them and then click "-". Clicking "+" will take you to the solo or single record view where you can manually enter a new record.

Figure 89

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