Used with Characters to give them permission to use a Channel: usually having authenticated or in some other way connected to an external platform like Twitter, SMS, Facebook etc.

“Archived Project”

A project unable to interact with the audience and stored out of use. Archived projects can be unarchived to make Active


Something Conducttr is instructed to do when it receives a Trigger

“Active Project”

A project able to interact with the audience (live or stopped)


Additional, alternative content to be sent on repeat triggering


A variable used to store data about an entity in Conducttr


This is you: the person creating the experience and using the Conducttr.


The person or people experiencing the story; those consuming the content and interacting with the story


The entity created to interact with the Audience. Usually a fictional persona but it could also be “the brand” or “the author”


How the Character communicates to the Audience. E.g. SMS is a Channel; email is a Channel etc.


A convenient way to organize scenes within the beat sheet


The person who licenses the your experience without knowing anything about Conducttr; she does not have access to Conducttr


Anyone with permission to use Conducttr whom you invite to collaborate on your project


Found in the Content Workspace, it’s a way to add content to an Inventory Attribute


Catch-all term for anything that's published or referenced - can be message, post, asset or touchpoint

“Core Attribute”

Attributes defined by Conducttr.


Collective term for the "things" that Conducttr manages such as Characters, Containers, Groups, Teams.


A way to segment the audience based on behavior or their preference


A way to place content into an application such as the CPortal mobile app. For example "exclusive content" or found items such as case notes, audio recordings and so on


A project-specific web page to which content can be published instead of or in addition to publishing to the live Character accounts. Typically used during testing.


A way to exchange Attribute data with an external app using the Conducttr API


The details entered into Conducttr


A convenient way to break a story into parts. All content in your project is stored in Scenes.


An umbrella term used to refer to the interactive experience. There may, in fact, be no narrative associated with the experience.


Collection of people collaborating on the same task


Event that causes something to happen


A temporary place to store information and only survives for one processing cycle (i.e. for actions that happen with the same Process ID).


The external presentation of your Project. Can also refer to everyone in the Audience.


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