Parsing examples


Goal: "Join team" or "join" matchphrase and parse team from message

 (join && |parse('letters_numbers_latin') as this-team|) || (join team && |parse('letters_numbers_latin') as this-team|) 


Goal: Update someone's audience record to include their phone number asking them to email it to a character

|parse("phone_us") into|


Goal: Get someone's twitter ID from a Facebook comment

|parse("twitter_handle") into audience.sender.account.twitter|


Goal: Create a team using "create team" as a command phase.
create team |parse("team_names") as thisTeam|

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    Ben Byford

    where abouts are these phrases used? does one need to setup a varible first?

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    Robert Pratten

    Dynamic variables are used ad hoc and only last for one processing cycle.
    The parsing is entered in the matchphrase of a message trigger or API trigger.
    You can use the dynamic variables in conditions, logic actions and content actions

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    Ben Byford

    for example: how would one create an api trigger match and url which you could then exact the phone number from to send a messge back to?

  • Avatar
    Robert Pratten

    For that you'd use core attributes rather than variables.
    The matchphrase could be
    |parse('phone_us') into|

    And then the content is a reply to sender

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    Ben Byford

    sure, im unsure about what its parsing. i.e. which varible incoming? also is there a list of default like

    this is what i have currently: unauth/tel sender_phone|parse('phone_number_intl') into|

    it triggers but doesnt pass the number over to the action message

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    Robert Pratten

    There are the parsing templates available

    When you use a parsing template, Conducttr looks through the whole message and matches every instance. So if you have two phone numbers it would add both.

    In your example I would remove sender_phone although if its triggering that would indicate to me that it's grabbed the phone number.

    Can you raise a support ticket and include a screen grab of the Project Activity feed? This usually reveals what's going on.