Introduction to working with teams

A Team is a collection of your Audience collaborating for a common goal.  

Please note that in Conducttr a Team is its own entity. That is, the Team might have 5 points whereas the players in the team have none.  Or the Team might be subscribed to a Character "team controller" whereas the individual audience members are not.


VIDEO: An introduction to Teams can be watched here:

The steps to using Teams is:

  1. Configure the Team Type
    1. create a Group for the team Roles
    2. create a Team Type and select the Roles.

  2. Create the logic to Create a Team and allow audience to Join Teams and Leave Teams
    For this you have two options:
    1. Create a Team Widget and allow all team members to join at the same time
      • decide what information you want to collect from the Audience
      • embed the widget HTML code into your website
    2. or Use Team Actions and allow team members to join in their own time
      • create message triggers to create the team and to join the team
      • create Team Actions to create the team and to join the team
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