How to automatically read SMS or email and post to a blog

* blog (recommend Tumblr)
* SMS or email account


1. create the SMS trigger

Create an SMS trigger and enter this into the matchphrase

|parse('all_chars') as MySMS|

This is going to take all the characters in the incoming SMS and temporarily store in the variable "MySMS". The trigger will fire on all SMS.

2. create the blog post

Create the content action to post the blog.

In the body you'll need the following smartword


And that's it!

All the characters in the SMS will be transferred to MySMS and then posted in the blog post.

Getting fancy

If you're parsing the text of an email then you'll want to remove any email footer or unexpected or unwanted text. You can do this by telling the audience to send the text between some special character sequence, like say, "##"

Your email matchphrase would then be

##|parse('all_chars') as MySMS|##

This will take all the characters between those ## marks.

It's better with Tumblr

What's cool about Tumblr is you can easily tag your posts with Smartwords. Once tagged, blog posts can be searched by tag to see all those posts on a particular topic or from a particular person.

For example, in the tag field enter || to tag everything by the person's first name. Of course if you're using SMS you might not know it but you can either ask them to send it - using parsing.

"Please reply with the phrase 'my name is ' followed by your name so we know who you are"

The SMS trigger would be:

my name is |parse('letters_latin') into|

NOTE the use of "into" rather than "as". Use "as" with variables and "into" when adding parsed results to attributes.

You also do both

my name is |parse('letters_latin') as MyName into|























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