Rather than always send the same reply or post the same status update, Authors can create an unlimited number of "Alternatives" for the same message, comment or post. For example, a Twitter message replying to the match phrase "hello" might have "hi" as the first reply (first Alternative) and then have additional replies for subsequent triggering such as "yo!", "whats up?", "nice to meet you" etc.

In Figure 63 the controls on the message are:

  1. drop-down to select Alternative or add new Alternative
  2. add and delete Alternatives
  3. switch content to table view as shown below


FIGURE 63 Alternatives for messages


FIGURE 64 Alternatives - table view

1.1        Alternatives and Groups


Groups and Alternatives allow you to send segmented communications to your Audience.  The segmentation might be based on demographics, level in a game, previous encounters with Characters - almost anything.

At this time content can work with either No Groups (default) or Groups… but not both. The default is to work with no Groups but if you later feel you need to switch and work with Groups, click the drop-down (1) and then select "Customize per audience group" (2) and you'll be asked to transfer your alternatives to a Group.

Figure 64 shows content using no Groups and 3 Alternative replies.

Figure 66 shows how Alternatives look inside content working with two Groups - "Level 1" and "Level 2". In this example, each Group has 2 Alternatives

FIGURE 65 Alternatives with Groups to segment communications

FIGURE 66 Alternatives with Groups

1.1.1      Embedded images and videos in Twitter and Facebook posts, comments and replies

It’s also possible to attach an image “by variable”. The variable must be a URL but the URL could be stored in an Attribute or in a variable captured by parsing or an API method.When attaching an image or video to a post, each Alternative can have its own unique image/video or they can all use the same.

FIGURE 67 Options for attaching an image or video to alternatives

FIGURE 68 Attach an image or video "by variable"


1.1.1       How Alternatives loop

Once all the Alternatives are exhausted - that is, they've been sent at least once - then Conducttr will loop back to the start.  That is, if you configure content with three Alternatives, then the forth trigger will send 1st Alternative.

Quite how the Alternatives are sent, however, depends on the content radio buttons marked "Audience" and "World" (see Figure 67) where:

  • "count by World" means that each trigger, regardless of which Audience member fired it, will publish the next Alternative. Audience members do not receive Alternatives in the same order because the order is dependent on who else has been firing the trigger connected to the content - see Figure 68 (Count by World)
  • "count by Audience" means a check is made on a per Audience member basis as to which Alternative to send. All Audience members receive Alternatives in the same order - see Figure 68 (Count by Audience).





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