Introduction to the Communicator

Conducttr Communicator is an open-source, customizable front-end web-app that gets Conducttr authors up and running faster.  Designed to run on mobile but capable of running on desktops too, this responsive web app offers all the convenience of a mobile app without the coding, the delays or the cost.

Conducttr Communicator offers:

  • “transmedia in a box” solutions that can operate as a walled-garden or a partially-closed user group – replacing external, public social media with “fake” private social media hosted by Conducttr
  • personalized content (after the audience registers and logs in) based on any set of rules available in Conducttr
  • rewards, badges and points
  • progress tracking
  • one-touch interactions from your defined set of possible responses

How it works

Think of the Communicator as a website. It loads in any web browser and behaves like a website. The difference is that the way it works is determined by your Conducttr project. As with all Conducttr projects, all the content and logic is stored in Conducttr and so is the main audience database. The Communicator also hosts a smaller, temporary audience database which is kept in sync with your Conducttr project.

The Communicator can be hosted on any web server and is in fact open-source code that anyone can take and develop further. However, the best integration and performance is gained when it’s hosted on our servers. This is because we use a special push technology to notify the Communicator when new content is available and this isn’t available on other servers.

When creating a Communicator project, we’ll need to provision the web server for you – hence why we ask you to provide certain information as given in the Forum.

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