Communicator - Getting Started

This section is intended only to cover the basic concepts and initial choices to be made during setup. The most up to date and comprehensive information on the Communicator will be at the Forum

The five primary components of the Communicator are:

  1. Communicator Message -  this is the content you send to the communicator. It has a unique syntax.

And then configurable in the Character accounts:

  1. Characters - this determines the grouping of message types – in the Communicator, each character has its own feed/inbox/channel within the Channel groups.
  2. Communicator Channel - this is the presentation or message type of the content to the audience. That is, whether it’s shown as an email (Mail) or a Whatsapp-style chat (Msngr).
  3. Message Feed attribute - this is where the Communicator Message will be stored (more below)
  4. The user interface - how the Communicator is styled and how it looks & works for the audience.

Summary: in the Communicator, messages are presented first by message type and then by character.

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