API Trigger

The API Trigger is used to trigger an event in Conducttr. You do not need to exchange Attribute data in order to use an API Trigger and you don't need to use an API Trigger to exchange data (see Methods above).

The API Trigger works in a similar way to the message triggers in that it fires on seeing a "match phrase". In the case of the API Trigger the match phrase is anything in the URL used to call the API after the project id.

For example, if you haven't created a Method then find your project id in Conducttr’s status bar at the top of the workspace.

Your API URL to this project will be

Anything after the project id - in this case "/228/" can be used to trigger Conducttr.  In Figure 111 the match phrase "found" would be triggered on a call to:

If "found" is also the name of a Method then every time the Method is called, so the API Trigger will trigger too.

You can create as many API Triggers as you need and attach them to Actions as you would any other trigger. Remember though that if you need to refer to an Audience member you'll need to include their details in the URL. For example this URL: email

would fire on "found" and use "" as the Audience record.

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