Count votes on Instagram

Instagram Tag Trigger

Conducttr now allows you to connect with Instagram and trigger events when an Instagram Tag is used!

Now you will be able to track unique tags, count the people using them, reward them, publish content, and much more.

Imagine you want to conduct voting on Instagram for a week, count the audience votes, and then post the results on social media and your blog. Here we have an example that shows how to do it.


LOVE or HATE moustaches?

Invite your audience to post a picture saying whether they love or hate moustaches:

#LoveMoustaches or #HateMoustaches

Every time someone uses the hashtag, Conducttr will count the votes. At the end of the week, Conducttr automatically will post the results, revealing what’s the most popular feeling towards moustaches!


This is how you can do it:

  • First of all, be sure to give your character an Instagram account

  • Then, create two project attributes that act as counters for the voting: LoveMoustaches and HateMoustaches

  • Create an Instagram Tag trigger for each of your voting options:


and #HateMoustaches

  • For each trigger, create a Change Value action that increments the respective counter:

Increment #LoveMoustaches


Increment #HateMoustaches

Your Beat Sheet now should look like this:

  • Then, in a new Scene, create a beat that posts the results after one week. Create a Date and Time trigger for the appropriate date:

  • Add a condition that checks if LoveMoustaches is bigger than HateMoustaches:

  • For that condition, add two content actions to publish the results. One Twitter action with the results, and one blog post with the results and an illustrative image:




Blog post:

  • You can repeat the same process for two more options: Hate > Love, and a tie with Love = Hate.

At the end, your Beat Sheet might look similar to this:


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