Your account type determines how much computing resource you have access to. You will have limits on:

  • number of audience records
  • number of monthly interactions
  • number of Active projects
  • number of collaborators.

When you reach your audience limit

Once you reach the limit, new audience records will not be added but the project will remain live.

Anyone trying to signup via a widget will be prevented from doing so but other interactions such as via email or sms will be given no feedback.

A warning is written to the Project Activity feed.


One interaction equals one row in the Project Activity feed.

Interactions are created as the audience interacts with the project but the volume of interactions will depend on your design. The more complicate a project, so it’s likely the more interactions there will be.

Often, one line in the beat sheet will create one interaction but this is not always true and some actions such as broadcast messages and group moves will generate an interaction for each audience member. The number of interactions is clearly shown in the top right-hand corner of the status bar.

When you reach your interaction limit

When you reach the maximum number of interactions for the month, your project will be stopped and you’ll receive an email informing you.

You will not be able to start the project again until you upgrade your account or wait for the next month.

A month is taken to be the monthly anniversary of your first registration to use Conducttr or when you pay for your account.

Number of Active projects

An Active Project is one that’s able to be live and responding to interactive and timed events. Active Projects can be Live or Stopped. If you reach your maximum of Active Projects then you can archive a project to temporarily put it out of use or you can delete it to permanently remove it. Note that deleting a project also deletes all its audience data.

When you reach your Active project limit

When you reach your active project limit you won’t be allowed to create a new one. You can’t remove a project from Archive until you archive an Active project.

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