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The Calendar allows viewing, adding, moving and configuring of time-based content, Date and Time Triggers and Recurrent Triggers.

The drop-down control (A) allows you to select one of two modes: Content or Triggers.


The following explanations refer to the letters above:

  1. select Content, Date & Time or Recurrent Trigger
  2. select Time Zone
  3. select vertical time scale (when in Day or Week view) 60mins to 1 min
  4. change the display color of selected triggers or content
  5. move a block of triggers or content to a new start date
  6. change calendar view
  7. double-click calendar items to edit them
  8. select Scene to filter the view or ensure that new content is added to that scene

Commands and short cuts are:

  • right-click in content mode to select and add new content
  • double-click calendar to configure a trigger for that date & time
  • hold Ctrl to multi-select triggers (Week and Day view only)
  • hold Shift and drag trigger to see 1 minute update to fine tune trigger position
  • hold Alt to content mode to move the content by changing the delay
  • hover mouse over a trigger or content to reveal the configured date and time or content title and delay
  • drag Date & Time triggers or content to new start date & time
  • drag end of Recurrent Trigger to define the period
  • double-click trigger or content to edit
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