Four asset types are supported:

  • Video: this is a YouTube video that can be "published" in response to any Trigger or scheduled using a Views & Comments Trigger
  • Image: any uploaded or linked image file
  • Flickr: any Flickr image that can be "published" in response to any Trigger
  • Document: this is an external document that cannot be "published" but it can be added to Inventory. Document is used as a content management asset to link to external documents such as a Google Doc or PDF.
  • Physical Object: this is a reference to something in the real world (rather than digital world) and is useful when documenting stories in the Whiteboard.
  • Audio: this can be an external or uploaded MP3 file. The file can be referenced as a URL or added to Inventory.

Video Assets:

The Video Asset refers to a YouTube video. The video must already exist on YouTube.

Conducttr can either monitor the Video Asset for views and comments or change its privacy from "unlisted" or "private" to public. In order to change the privacy (what we refer to as "publishing"), the Character must have a YouTube Account configured, and that account must own the video on YouTube.

The following points refer to the photo below:

  1. Click "+" to add a new Video Asset; click ">" to switch to Table view
  2. Character that owns this video. Note that the Character must have a YouTube Account configured.
  3. URL to the video on YouTube
  4. The "Fetch Data" button will use the link URL to fetch and fill the text fields with information from the video's listing on YouTube.
    The "Select" button will pop-up a dialog (see example below) to allow you to select a video from a single playlist or all the videos from a playlist. The controls are similar to those for the Image Asset.
  5. This is the Trigger that will publish the video. In this example, no Trigger has been configured.
  6. This area contains the following buttons: the arrow/goto icon will open a new browser window or tab and go to the URL given; the black & white checked icon creates a QR code; the shorten button creates a shortlink.
  7. The project management fields are provided for content and project management.

Image Assets

To post images reliably to blogs, Facebook and Twitter, please upload or link to images via the Image Asset as this allows Conducttr to embed the image correctly when posted.

Images can be added to Conducttr by:

  • uploading from your computer
  • pasting a URL to an external image.

Flickr Assets

The Flickr asset is used to publish Flickr images - e.g. to change their privacy from private/unlisted to public. If you wish to post images to blogs, Facebook etc. then do not use this Asset type - either use the Flickr post or upload/link images with the Image Asset.

Please note:

  • that in Flickr your images need to be organized into sets. Conducttr will not see or be able to select any images that are not included within a set.
  • to post an image to a blog, Facebook or Twitter you will need to use the Flickr post not a Flickr Asset or an Image Asset.

Unlike Video Assets, you cannot paste a URL into the Link field. All image assets must be selected via the Select Image button - shown as "A", see below:

Clicking the Select Image button will launch a dialog box like the one shown in the image below.

The Select Set drop-down ("A" in above photo) shows the sets created in the Character's Flickr account. Once you select a set, the images from that set will scroll in the right hand column (B). You then have several options (C):

  • Select This Image will select only the single chosen image
  • Select All From Set will load the whole set into Conducttr
  • Fill in will not overwrite any completed fields for this asset. The assumption is that you may have re-titled the image don't wish for the Flickr title to overwrite the new title
  • Overwrite duplicates will overwrite any text and images from this set that you may have previously loaded. You'll also need to click this to overwrite any data entered for a selected single image (e.g. replace the default "New Item" title with the Flickr image title).


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