Example Use of Groups

This subsection illustrates a few uses of Groups.

Using Groups to offer a Help Mode

Authors can offer their audience a Help or Easy mode that will provide more guidance or assistance for unlocking puzzles or other participation.


Help ON

Help OFF

M1 (Help On) = On E1 (Help On) MOVE this audience member from Help OFF to Help ON
M2 (Help Off) = On E2 (Help Off) MOVE this audience member from Help ON to Help OFF

Example Content:

Note that because you can modify the email footers to be group-specific, the Help ON footer might remind the audience that they have Help On and hence encourage them to turn it off.

And remember that a trigger can be linked to several piece of content or actions. So, you might have a standard reply to everyone and then a delayed email to only those in the Help ON group.

Using Groups of offer Special Powers or Abilities

By submitting the correct answers, the audience can gain various artifacts or special traits that affects how other characters respond to them. In the example below, the audience can discover three special items and possess one of two traits.



Combined Groups


Group Triggers

M1 (Honest) = On E1 (Honest) MOVE this audience member from Devious to Honest
M2 (Devious) = On E2 (Devious) MOVE this audience member from Honest to Devious

G1(Spyglasses) = On E3 Add to Group Spyglasses
G2(Newspaper) = On E4 Add to Group Newspaper
G3(Smartphone) = On E5 Add to Group Smartphone

Example Content 1

Example Content 2


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