Unauthenticated Requests

Some external applications or devices may not be programmable to the extent that they can use oAuth authentication.

In these situations, proceed with creating the API as explained earlier but in the external app/device, modify the URL by adding /unauth/ before the method name and add the consumer_key parameter to the end. As in this example:

The trigger match phrase also must include /unauth/ in the phrase as shown below.

C-Touch NFC

Available on the Google Play store is the C-Touch NFC app. The app allows audience members to use their mobile phones to “touch in” or “tag” physical locations or objects. The locations or objects need to have a correctly encoded NFC tag. See this video for an example of the app in operation.

The audience member is identified by their mobile phone number which means experiences can be personalized and need not be limited to NFC tagging.

Use an NFC tag writer (such as this one) to write to a tag data in the following format:

<project ID>,<matchphrase>,<consumer key>,<character ID>

For example:


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