Working with "lost email": Manually forwarding email to Conducttr

Each Character has their own email account. Even though you have forwarded all email to Conducttr, you will still need to periodically check these accounts for the following:

  • emails that got caught in the Character's junk/spam folder. These emails will have never been forwarded to Conducttr
  • emails that didn't use the match phrases you were expecting. These emails will have been forwarded to Conducttr but fired no trigger.

In both cases, while you can reply manually from the character's email account (without using Conducttr), the trigger that was supposed to fire may set into action a chain of events such as subscribing to multiple characters or adding to groups. Hence it's preferable to make some corrections and then forward the email to Conducttr as though no error had occurred.

To manually forward email to Conducttr follow these steps:

  1. If the email is in the junk folder, move to the inbox
  2. click to Forward the email
  3. the To: address is the "secret email address" for this character. It will have an address
  4. in the Subject of the email, add the audience's email address inside # marks. For example, if the email sender was then the Subject line will now read " FWD… original subject message".

    The image below shows the original email that was caught in the junk folder. Figure 133 shows how the forwarded email is modified before sending: (A) the secret email address (B) the sender's email address is added to the subject line

in the body of the email, delete any earlier outbound correspondence from the character. For example, if this email is a reply to a character's email then remove that part from the body of the forwarded body. This is necessary to avoid any unexpected and unintended triggering.

Original email:


Forwarded email to Conducttr:


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