Index Cards

Index Cards can be used to plan your project and to document it during implementation. Note that anything you type or link to does not affect the actual workings of the project. This is purely for the Author to be able document and manage the project.

Index Cards can be positioned anywhere on the Whiteboard canvas and linked to anything that has a semi-circle connector shown.

Above shows the versatility of Index Cards:

  1. Click this button to create a new Index Card
  2. This is the format toolbar. If you double-click the default header "Index Card" you can rename it - this one has been renamed to ACT ONE
  3. The cards can be resized by dragging the lower right hand corner. If you shrink the card far enough the format tool bar will disappear
  4. Any text in the Index Card can be selected and linked out to active parts of the project. With the text highlighted, click the anchor symbol in the format tool bar and a pop-up dialogue will allow you to select Characters, Groups, Triggers, Scenes, content and more.
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