Anticipated Triggers

Often as the Author adds content, the response(s) from the Audience to outbound messages can be anticipated. In these instances, utilising the Anticipated Triggers tab allows you to specify triggers for these expected replies. Conducttr will now keep track of the Audience replies, which can be analyzed in Response Metrics.

For example, the Character Laura tweets, “What flavour of ice cream is best? Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry?” Under the Anticipated tab, click the + to either link an existing trigger or create a new trigger via “Add Another” for each of the anticipated responses: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

These Anticipated Triggers will usually be of the same outbound content type (Tweet) and with the same Character (Laura), but it is not required. For example, Laura might ask via SMS, “My phone is dying but I need to know whether cake or pie is better for dessert. Email me at please!” The Anticipated Trigger in this case would be Emails with the match phrases: cake and pie.

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