There are four different ways to use Twitter with Conducttr:

  • as a Broadcast message to all Twitter followers (e.g. a regular Tweet. Note that you cannot send broadcast Direct Messages)
  • as a Reply to an incoming Tweet that fires a Twitter Trigger. For this to happen you need a Twitter Trigger configured, it must be associated with the Tweet and someone in the Twittersphere must have sent a Tweet to your Character with the match phrase in message.
  • as a Direct Message (DM) reply. For this to work the person invoking the reply must be following the character on Twitter. See Section 1.4.3
  • as a 3rd party message to an incoming Tweet that fires a Twitter Trigger. For this to happen you need all you need to send a Reply PLUS the twitter ID of a 3rd party must be included in the message.

Tweets are a maximum 140 characters but if you select rd Party this drops to 125 characters to allow space for the reply Twitter name.

Below shows an example tweet:

  1. All Tweets are sent from the Character’s Twitter account
  2. Interactive determines when the Tweet will be sent. In this example the Tweet will be sent from the Character "Morton" when Trigger T2 (a Twitter Trigger) becomes True.

Using @replies

The @reply can only be used with a Twitter Trigger.

To demonstrate how the @reply and Twitter Trigger work together, we’ll use a simple interactive game.

The picture below shows the players:

  • Narrator is the default Character that represents the Author
  • @zenfilms and @alexey are both Twitter users. Note that because of the open way Twitter works, these Twitter users need not be followers or members of the Character’s Audience.

Below shows a possible Twitter stream for a simple game:

  • there’s an opening tweet to set the story – broadcast at a predetermined date.
  • Twitter Triggers are created to watch for words for each direction and action
  • @reply Tweets are created as a response to each Twitter Trigger.

Using 3rd party replies

The 3rd party reply functionality allows for simple Twitter games that can help spread awareness from fans to their friends.

For example, below shows the simple game “Marry, Kill, Bonk” as it might be played on Twitter. The game is usually played by asking a friend to select three people they would like to marry, kill or have sex with ("bonk").

To create the game, three Twitter Triggers are created – one each for the watch words MARRY, KILL and BONK - all belonging to the Character Narrator.

Fans must Tweet Narrator with the match word and the Twitter name of their friend.

Below shows an example 3rd Party tweet in Conducttr and the associated Twitter Trigger that's listening for the word "tell". Note that you can use |sender_id_xxx| to reference the originating Twitter user. This special word is 15 characters long - the maximum length of a Twitter name - and hence you should not experience any problems with Tweets being too long to send.

In this referral example:

  • the Character "Conducttr" has the Twitter account @tstoryteller
  • if the incoming tweet sent from @alexey were "@tstoryteller tell @zenfilms"
  • the response would be "@zenfilms Listen to your friend @alexey and join the #transmedia Community with the other hipsters!"


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