The Flickr post is different to the Image Asset even though they both work with images on Flickr. Here are the differences:

  • Image Asset - when the associated trigger is received, the Image Asset will change the Flickr image's privacy setting from private to public. This should be used, for example, when working with a Flickr photoset widget on a website. The photo will not be published to a blog.
  • Flickr Post - when the associated trigger is received, the Flickr image privacy will be changed from private to public and will be posted to the configured blog or to Twitter. You do not need to use the Image Asset to make the image public before posting to a blog because the post will do this for you.

Below shows an example Flickr posts. The Character (in this example, Jenna) must have configured in Flickr blogs or Twitter accounts to which to post the image (A). You are able to add a title and body to the blog post (B) to be posted with the image.


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