There are three ways to use Email with Conducttr:

  • as a Broadcast message to all subscribers to the From: character
  • as a Reply to an incoming message. For example as a reply to an incoming email. Note that Conducttr can “cross-trigger” meaning an incoming SMS could send an email reply so long as the audience record has both items of contact data for that person (i.e. can match the mobile number of the person sending the SMS to an email address)
  • as a 3rd party message to an incoming Tweet that mentions another person. For example a Tweet references @robpratten and Conducttr has an audience record that matches @robpratten with Now Conducttr will send an email to

For 3rd party reply and cross-triggering, you’ll need to use the sign-up Widget to collect a complete audience record.

You can attach images or documents to your email by selecting the “Attach this content to Email” option. If the content is already in Conducttr it will appear on the list, if not, you can add it by click “Add Another”.


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