Storyview and Table View

Content held inside a Scene can be viewed in two ways:

  • Table View (default) 
  • StoryView

As indicated, (A) switches to Table View and (B) switches to StoryView. Clicking (C) in StoryView will expand the view to full screen. If the Author clicks the + expand icon (D) then the text inside that content is revealed. Note that is only the "first alternative" (see below for explanation of alternatives).

Double click content in StoryView mode to edit it.

Table View of Scene Content


StoryView of Scene content


StoryView mode with Expanded messages



Full screen StoryView mode with Expanded message

Storyview and Delays

The content in StoryView are first grouped by Trigger and then sorted by delay. This is illustrated below - you can see that "Don's reply", at 5min delay, is shown ahead of Betty's "yes u are". If the delay on "yes u are" is changed to 4mins then the content is resorted to look like:

StoryView after change to delay:


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