Character - Subscribe/Unsubscribe & Copy/Move

Characters can only communicate with audience members who are subscribed to them in a given channel.

Any person contacting a Character is immediately subscribed to that Character's audience. However, for those Characters that must initiate contact with the audience before being contacted directly, the Subscribe action adds audience to their contact list.

The Character Copy/Move action subscribes or unsubscribes audience members from one Character to another or all audience members depending on configuration.  

1.1.1        Subscriptions and accounts

Please be aware that characters can have more than one account of a certain type – for example, two email accounts. And the audience member can have also have multiple accounts of the same type – for example, two phone numbers or two email addresses.

Conducttr follows these rules: for a given content type and character account, it will always reply to the audience account that was last used. For example, if the project has stored two email addresses for me, say, robert@ and robert@, when Conducttr decides which email to use it will pick the address that was last used or last updated. The assumption here is that the most recently used/updated is the most current address.

If you use parsing in a matchphrase to parse account data like email address or phone number into an audience account then this is counted as an update and this parsed account will be the one Conducttr uses next.

Figure 87 Subscribe action with Current Account – use the account being used right now (most common)

Figure 88 Subscribe action with All Accounts – use all accounts or all accounts of a certain type

Figure 89 Subscribe action with Identify by – use the account specified in a dynamic variable

The screen shot below shows the full flexibility to identify the audience and the character by dynamic variable. This would require quite an advanced level of familiarity with Conducttr and would likely be triggered by an API call from the Communicator or similar application.

Figure 90 Subscribe action using Identify by to specify audience and character


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