Add/Remove Group

Add/Remove Group - adds or removes audience members to the given group:

  • Add/Remove - SINGLE person. Only the audience member trigging the action is added or removed from the group.
  • Add - ALL the audience. When the trigger fires EVERYONE that subscribes to the selected character (via any means - email, SMS or twitter) will be added.
  • Remove - ALL the audience. When the trigger fires EVERYONE in the group is Removed. No check is made on Character subscriptions.

When using Remove, either Single or All, if "include child groups" is checked then the audience is removed from all child groups. That is, if a parent group called "Fruit" had child groups "oranges", "apples" and "plumbs", selecting "Fruit" with "include child groups" would remove any audience member in any of the child groups "oranges", "apples" or "plumbs".

Add/Remove Group:

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