Copy/Move Group

Below shows the Copy/Move Group action. This is an incredibly powerful action but can look a little daunting. There are two checkboxes that affect how precisely Conducttr tries to examine the group memberships:

  • must be member of FROM. This means the audience being moved MUST have group membership of the FROM group otherwise no action is taken
  • include child groups. If this is checked, then the audience can belong to any of the child groups in the FROM group. If it is unchecked then audience must be in the very specific group selected in FROM.

The full options are explained in the table below the image.

If INCLUDE CHILD GROUPS is checked, then the Author need only specify the parent or higher group rather than the actual sub-group. It is useful when the Author is unsure which subgroup the audience might be in or wants to catch everyone in the subgroups of the parent selected in the drop-down.

For example, if an audience member is allowed to move between language groups but may only ever be in one of these groups (e.g not both German and French), then the Author might define a parent group "Languages" with several language sub-groups - English, French, German, Swedish etc. She would then use the Move with include child groups to be sure that when the audience moved to, say, French that all other language sub-groups were removed from the audience member.

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