The Change action is used to change:

  • An attribute or attributes
  • Disband a team (i.e. change it’s status)

It has three foundation options although typically only the default setting is used:

  • Default - changes one instance of an Attribute
  • For Attribute - changes all instances of an Attribute type
  • For Group - changes all instances of the Attribute for Audience in the given Group.

This is best explained with reference to an example.

Below shows a three-location scenario. Players are asked to check in to any of these locations and at the end of the day the Author will see which location has had the most check ins.

The Author created an Attribute for the Entity "Touchpoints (locations)" and called it "Num Checkins". Every time the Audience checks in to a location this Attribute will be incremented by one.

Default Change Action:

Below shows a DEFAULT Change action: the "Check-ins" Attribute for Roswell Museum is incremented by 1. Using shorthand this might be written as "Touchpoint(location).Roswell Museum.check-ins".

Below shows a different example in which the Audience member that caused the trigger event has her Attribute "Score" incremented by the value stored in the Attribute "Points4Zone3" that's associated with the location L3.

The benefit of this approach is that the increase in score is no longer static - it's taken from the Attribute "Points4Zone3". This might be because the Author decided that more points should be awarded in the morning compared to the afternoon. Now she would use a Change Value trigger in the afternoon to change the value of the "Points4Zone3" and hence when below fired the score would increase by a different amount.

Change Value trigger - example:



Set-up for the Change Value trigger shown above:

For Attribute Change Action:

Below shows how the Author would reset ALL the locations to 0. Using the "For Attribute" every Touchpoint(location).check-ins Attribute is reset to 0.

Change value (for attribute):


For Group Change Action:

Below shows a Change Value action that gives a 5 point bonus for all Audience belonging to the Apache Group. Only members of this Group will have their Score Attribute incremented.

Change value action for selected group:

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