Inventory Attribute

The inventory attribute can be used in several ways:

  • As an array
  • As a content inventory.

Working with arrays

The Inventory attribute can work as an array and allows Authors to access content using an index.

The image above shows a value being added to the array using the index audience.sender.index_values. The index can be an integer or text.

In the image below, a text index is used to access an integer value. For example FO4Terminal[“SAFE”] returns the value 4.

Working with content inventories

The Inventory Attribute can be used to create a "locker" or "folder" that's accessible via an API-connected application. This makes it possible for Authors to give Audiences personalized, exclusive rich media content such as unlocked video footage, welcome audio messages from Characters and a multitude of other in-world content such as case files, DNA samples, maps, images and out-of-world content such as advertisements and coupons.

Almost any entity can be added to an Inventory (using a Container in the Content Workspace).

Content is delivered via the API as a URL and hence the local application takes responsibility for how this is accessed by the Audience.

Inventory items have a special set of controls:

  • add on – moves the content into the Inventory
  • unlock on – unlocks content such as YouTube videos in the Inventory
  • lock on – locks content in the Inventory
  • remove on – deletes the content from the Inventory

In our example, the add & remove triggers are tweets to the character Laura:


When the Add On trigger fires, the map is now added to the Audience’s Inventory, which can be reviewed in the Manager workspace under Audience Attributes:


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