Dynamic delays: A worked example

Let’s assume that you want to ask the audience when is a good time to call them. You’ll capture their response, store it in an audience attribute, and schedule a call for that time.

Let’s create four options and ask the audience to select their preferred option:

  1. 1 pm
  2. 2 pm
  3. 3 pm
  4. 4 pm

They will write a message with the option selected, e.g: OPTION A

Create a project array (Inventory attribute). The option will be the index to the array and the time will be the value in the array cell.

  • Capture the audience preferred option using parsing (parse the incoming message)
  • Index the project array using the selected option and save the correspondent time in an audience attribute.
  • Create the phone call and add the delay using that audience attribute.


Attributes you need:

  • Project Inventory attribute to work as an array to save the time that each option indexes: call_back_options_array
  • Audience attribute to save the audience’s option: option
  • Audience attribute to save the time to make the call: call_back


1. Create the audience attributes and project attribute needed.

2. Add the respective options to the project attribute (call_back_options_array):

3. Create the email trigger with a parsing matchphrase, to capture the option the audience indicated.

Matchphrase: OPTION |parse('letters_numbers_latin') into audience.sender.option|


4. Create a Change Value action to set the time attribute according to the option selected. This would be done using the array, and the parsed option will indicate the index:

audience.sender.call_back = project.call_back_options_array [audience.sender.option] 

The syntax to use is the following:



5. Finally, create the phone call and indicate the delay using the audience attribute: 


Now when the email comes in, the option is parsed from the message, the time set in the audience attribute and then used to schedule the callback time.

Read about Dynamic Delays here 

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